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LOINC Code 48552-4 : HIV 1 RNA [Log #/volume] (viral load) in Serum or Plasma by Probe and target amplification method detection limit = 2.6 log copies/mL

Component HIV 1 RNA
Property logaritmisch aantal/volume
Time Aspect moment
System serum of plasma
Scale kwantitatief
Method moleculaire techniek (PCR) met detectielimiet = 2.6 log copies/mL
Type Lab
Status Final
Order/Obs Status Both

Other Names

HIV1 RNA SerPl NAA DL=2.6-Log#
probe.amp.tar probe.amp.tar detectielimiet = 2.6 log copies/mL


LP14307-0 HIV 1
LP14559-6 Microorganism
LP14855-8 Virus
LP17126-1 HIV
LP29693-6 Laboratory
LP343406-7 Microbiology and Antimicrobial susceptibility
LP378019-6 HIV 1 | Serum or Plasma | Microbiology
LP432695-7 {component}
LP7819-8 Microbiology


LOINC Version: 2.73