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LOINC Code 74740-2 : Deprecated Streptococcus sp tuf gene [Presence] by Nucleic acid capture and probe detection in Positive blood culture

Component Streptococcus sp tuf gene
Property PrThr
Time Aspect Pt
System Bld.pos growth
Scale Ord
Method Probe.mag capture
Type Lab
Status Final
Order/Obs Status Both

Other Names

Deprecated Streptococcus sp tuf Bld Pos Ql Prb Mag


LP14559-6 Microorganism
LP17202-0 Streptococcus sp
LP183532-3 Streptococcus sp tuf gene
LP29693-6 Laboratory
LP343406-7 Microbiology and Antimicrobial susceptibility
LP376007-3 Streptococcus sp tuf gene | Positive blood culture | Microbiology
LP432695-7 {component}
LP7819-8 Microbiology
LP98185-9 Bacteria


LOINC Version: 2.73