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LOINC Code 75675-9 : Deprecated Citrobacter sp (ompA+mrkC) genes [Presence] by Nucleic acid capture and probe detection in Positive blood culture

Component Citrobacter sp (ompA+mrkC) genes
Property PrThr
Time Aspect Pt
System Bld.pos growth
Scale Ord
Method Probe.mag capture
Type Lab
Status Final
Order/Obs Status Observation

Other Names

Deprecated Citrobac sp ompA+mrkC Bld Pos Ql Prb Mag


LP14559-6 Microorganism
LP185691-5 Citrobacter sp ompA+mrkC genes
LP186232-7 Citrobacter sp
LP29693-6 Laboratory
LP343406-7 Microbiology and Antimicrobial susceptibility
LP374576-9 Citrobacter sp ompA+mrkC genes | Positive blood culture | Microbiology
LP432695-7 {component}
LP7819-8 Microbiology
LP98185-9 Bacteria


LOINC Version: 2.73