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1332961000168102: Queensland allied health intervention reference set (foundation metadata concept)

Status: current, Primitive. Date: 30-Jun 2019. Module: Third party reference set module


Id Description Lang Type Status Case? Module Reference Sets
3391571000168110 Queensland allied health intervention reference set (foundation metadata concept) en Fully specified name Active Case sensitive Third party reference set module
3391581000168113 Queensland allied health intervention reference set en Synonym Active Case sensitive Third party reference set module Australian dialect reference set: Preferred
4351751000168116 <p>Supports the recording of health interventions of patients being treated by allied health professionals</span></p><p>This reference set can be used:<ul><li>By clients wishing to record interventions in the allied health setting</li><li>Within implementations where use-case specific reference sets for terminology have not yet been developed</li><li>As the basis for developing further use-case specific reference sets through a process of constraint or addition</span></li></ul></p><p><b>Target client: </b>This reference set can be used by developers whose vendor systems capture interventions for allied health</span></p> en Definition Active Case sensitive Third party reference set module

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Expanded Value Set

Outbound Relationships Type Target Active Characteristic Refinability Group Values
Queensland allied health intervention reference set Is a Healthcare reference sets true Inferred relationship Some
Queensland allied health intervention reference set Is a Simple type reference set true Inferred relationship Some
Queensland allied health intervention reference set Developed by The Allied Health Professions' Office of Queensland true Inferred relationship Some 240313938

Abdominal exercises in water
Abuse prevention education
Acceptance and commitment therapy
Accumulative reinforcement
Acting as individual patient advocate
Activities of daily living management
Activity adaptation
Activity analysis
Activity group therapy
Activity of daily living education
Acupuncture-like transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation
Adaptive and compensatory techniques
Adult day centre education
Advance care planning
Aerobic exercises
Agreement on advance care plan
Airway care management
Alcohol abuse prevention education
Alternating current therapy
Alternative communication technique education
Ambulation training
Amino acid metabolism disorder diet education
Amplitude range exercises
Anger management therapy
Ankle exercises
Ankle exercises in water
Antipsychotic medicine review
Apical expansion exercises
Application of cast
Application of collar and cuff sling
Application of device
Application of dressing
Application of dressing, pressure
Application of elastic compression device for compression of lymphoedema
Application of external splintage
Application of graduated compression garment
Application of lower limb splint
Application of neighbour strapping to finger
Application of rigid total contact leg cast
Application of sling
Application of splint
Application of surface transcutaneous neurostimulator
Application of suspended pelvic slings
Application of triangular sling
Aquaerobic exercises
Aromatherapy massage
Artificial voice rehabilitation
Assertiveness training
Assessment of airway device cuff pressure
Decision making assessment
Assessment of decisional conflict
Dysarthria assessment
Oral fluency assessment
Orofacial function assessment
Assessment of pulmonary artery catheter
Assessment of ureterostomy tube
Assessment of wound drain device
Assessment using Assessment of Intelligibility of Dysarthric Speech
Assessment using Frenchay Dysarthria Assessment
Assessment using Gray Silent Reading Test
Assessment using Holborn Reading Scale
Assessment using National Adult Reading Test
Assessment using New Salford Sentence Reading Test
Assessment using Reading Comprehension Battery for Aphasia Second Edition
Assessment using Schonell Reading Test
Assessment using Standard Reading Tests
Assisted exercise in pool
Assisting with activity of daily living
Assisting with eating and drinking
Assistive device education
Assistive device provision assessment
Assistive device provision management
Asthma medicine review
Auditory discrimination exercises
Auditory identification exercises
Auditory memory therapy
Auditory rehabilitation
Augmentative communication
Back exercises in water
Balance exercises
Basal expansion exercises
Bathtub transfer training
Behaviour management
Behaviour support consultation
Behavioural activation therapy
Behavioural couple psychotherapy
Behavioural therapy
Bench press
Bereavement support
Biofeedback procedure
Biofeedback, thermal
Biomechanical assessment
Biomechanical therapeutic activity
Biomedical equipment procedure
Biotin supplement therapy
Bisphosphonate medicine review
Block modification of speech exercises
Body function training

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