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171881000036108: Emergency department reference set (foundation metadata concept)

Status: current, Primitive. Date: 30-Nov 2014. Module: SNOMED Clinical Terms Australian extension


Id Description Lang Type Status Case? Module Reference Sets
845841000036110 Emergency department reference set (foundation metadata concept) en Fully specified name Active Case insensitive SNOMED Clinical Terms Australian extension
845851000036113 Emergency department reference set en Synonym Active Case insensitive SNOMED Clinical Terms Australian extension Australian dialect reference set: Preferred
845941000036117 Emergency department superset reference set en Synonym Active Case insensitive SNOMED Clinical Terms Australian extension Australian dialect reference set: Acceptable
4351001000168118 <p>A superset of the Emergency department reference set (EDRS) suite and provides terminology to support the recording of presenting problems and diagnoses within Emergency department settings within Australia. It contains all of the members of the EDRS suite.</p><p>The EDRS suite is comprised of the following reference sets:<ul><li><em>Emergency department diagnosis in presenting problem reference set</em></li><li><em>Emergency department diagnosis reference set</em></li><li><em>Emergency department findings in presenting problem reference set</em></li><li><em> Emergency department reason for presenting reference set.</em></li></ul></p><p>This superset of the EDRS suite has been developed to assist implementations in providing a wide range of clinically relevant terms that are required for the capture of presenting problem and diagnosis information.</p><p>Feedback has shown that the partitions between the reference sets in the EDRS suite are not well suited to clinical use. The definition of the combined superset may be more applicable for use at the clinical level while the partitioned suite remains linked to reporting.</p><p>This reference set supports the accurate and unambiguous electronic communication and exchange of information between clinicians involved in a patient's care relating to that patient's presenting problem at the point of triage and diagnosis at the point of discharge from an Emergency department.</p><p><b>Target client: </b>Australian Emergency department clinical information implementations.</p> en Definition Active Case sensitive SNOMED Clinical Terms Australian extension

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Expanded Value Set

Outbound Relationships Type Target Active Characteristic Refinability Group Values
Emergency department reference set Developed by Australian Digital Health Agency true Inferred relationship Some 546343943
Emergency department reference set Has licence SNOMED CT-AU licence​ true Inferred relationship Some 202616582
Emergency department reference set Is a Emergency department clinical group true Inferred relationship Some
Emergency department reference set Is a Simple type reference set true Inferred relationship Some

Abdomen examined - NAD
Abdomen soft
Abdominal abscess
Abdominal aortic aneurysm
Abdominal bloating
Abdominal colic
Abdominal discomfort
Abdominal mass
Abdominal pain
Abdominal pain - cause unknown
Abdominal pain in early pregnancy
Abdominal pain in pregnancy
Abdominal pain through to back
Abdominal pain worse on motion
Abdominal pregnancy
Abdominal tenderness
Abdominal wall pain
Abdominal wind pain
Abducens nerve palsy
Able to manage medicine
Able to use medicine
Abnormal behaviour
Abnormal blood pressure
Abnormal breathing
Abnormal cardiac rate
Abnormal swallowing
Abnormal faeces
Abnormal finding on evaluation procedure
Abnormal findings on diagnostic imaging of lung
Abnormal gait
Abnormal heart beat
Abnormal liver function
Abnormal movement
Abnormal sensation
Abnormal uterine bleeding
Abnormal uterine bleeding unrelated to menstrual cycle
Abnormal vaginal bleeding
Abnormal vision
Abnormal weight loss
Abnormal pelvic organ affecting pregnancy
Abrasion and/or friction burn
Abrasion and/or friction burn of multiple sites
Abrasion and/or friction burn of skin
Abrasion of cheek
Abrasion of chin
Abrasion of ear region
Abrasion of eye region
Abrasion of eyelid
Abrasion of face
Abrasion of finger
Abrasion of foot
Abrasion of forehead
Abrasion of genitalia
Abrasion of hand
Abrasion of head
Abrasion of head and/or neck
Abrasion of intraoral surface of lip
Abrasion of lower limb
Abrasion of neck
Abrasion of nose
Abrasion of pelvic region
Abrasion of scalp
Abrasion of skin of lower back
Abrasion of throat
Abrasion of tongue
Abrasion of trunk
Abrasion of upper limb
Abrasion of wrist
Abrasion, abdominal wall
Abrasion, ankle
Abrasion, anus
Abrasion, axillary area
Abrasion, back
Abrasion, breast
Abrasion, buttock
Abrasion, chest wall
Abrasion, elbow area
Abrasion, finger, multiple
Abrasion, forearm area
Abrasion, groin
Abrasion, hip
Abrasion, knee
Abrasion, lower leg
Abrasion, shoulder area
Abrasion, thigh
Abrasion, toe
Abrasion, upper arm
Abscess of Bartholin's gland
Abscess of abdominal wall
Abscess of ankle
Abscess of axilla
Abscess of back
Abscess of back, except buttock
Abscess of breast
Abscess of buccal space of mouth
Abscess of bursa
Abscess of bursa of elbow
Abscess of buttock

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