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32570111000036109: Organism foundation reference set (foundation metadata concept)

Status: current, Primitive. Date: 30-Nov 2009. Module: SNOMED Clinical Terms Australian extension


Id Description Lang Type Status Case? Module Reference Sets
108642171000036110 Organism foundation reference set (foundation metadata concept) en Fully specified name Active Case insensitive SNOMED Clinical Terms Australian extension
108642181000036112 Organism foundation reference set en Synonym Active Case insensitive SNOMED Clinical Terms Australian extension Australian dialect reference set: Preferred
4351211000168114 <p>Supports the recording of organisms in Australian e-health implementations.</p><p>This reference set can be used:<ul><li>Within implementations where use-case specific reference sets for organisms are yet to be developed.</li><li>As the basis for developing further use-case specific reference sets for organisms, through a process of constraint.</li><li>As a benchmark, against which use-case specific reference sets that have been developed by the SNOMED CT-AU user community can be tested to assure that they are logical constraints of content relating to organisms.</li></ul></p><p><b>Target client: </b>NCTS</p> en Definition Active Case sensitive SNOMED Clinical Terms Australian extension

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Expanded Value Set

Outbound Relationships Type Target Active Characteristic Refinability Group Values
Organism foundation reference set Has licence SNOMED CT-AU licence​ true Inferred relationship Some 1170753119
Organism foundation reference set Developed by Australian Digital Health Agency true Inferred relationship Some 1919713644
Organism foundation reference set Is a Foundation reference sets true Inferred relationship Some
Organism foundation reference set Is a Attribute value type false Inferred relationship Some
Organism foundation reference set Is a Simple type reference set true Inferred relationship Some

63U-11 virus
75V-2374 virus
75V-2621 virus
78V-2441 virus
78V-3531 virus
ACl rat
Abadina virus
Aberdeen Angus cattle
Abessinier guinea pig
Abies balsamea
Abigar cattle
Abiotrophia defectiva
Ablennes hians
Abondance cattle
Abortiporus biennis
Abras virus
Abroscopus albogularis
Abroscopus superciliaris
Abrus precatorius
Absidia species
Absidia caerulea
Absidia glauca
Absidia halospora
Abtenauer horse
Abu Hammad virus
Abu Mina virus
Abudefduf saxatilis
Abudefduf taurus
Aburria cumanensis
Aburria cumanensis subspecies cumanensis
Abyssinian Highland Zebu cattle
Abyssinian Shorthorned Zebu cattle
Abyssinian cat
Abyssinian guinea pig
Abyssinian horse
Acacia arabica
Acacia berlandieri
Acacia caffra
Acacia erioloba
Acacia erubescens
Acacia georginae
Acacia mellifera
Acacia nilotica
Acacia senegal
Acacia sieberana var. woodii
Acado virus
Acanthamoeba species
Acanthamoeba astronyxis
Acanthamoeba castellanii
Acanthamoeba comandoni
Acanthamoeba culbertsoni
Acanthamoeba divionensis
Acanthamoeba griffini
Acanthamoeba hatchetti
Acanthamoeba healyi
Acanthamoeba jacobsi
Acanthamoeba lenticulata
Acanthamoeba lugdunensis
Acanthamoeba mauritaniensis
Acanthamoeba palestinensis
Acanthamoeba pearcei
Acanthamoeba polyphaga
Acanthamoeba pustulosa
Acanthamoeba quina
Acanthamoeba rhysodes
Acanthamoeba royreba
Acanthamoeba stevensoni
Acanthamoeba terricola
Acanthamoeba triangularis
Acanthamoeba tubiashi
Acantharchus pomotis
Acanthemblemaria aspera
Acanthemblemaria chaplini
Acanthocephalus dirus
Acanthocybium solanderi
Acanthogobius flavimanus
Acantholumpenus mackayi
Acanthophis antarcticus
Acanthurus bahianus
Acanthurus chirurgus
Acanthurus coeruleus
Acanthurus randalli
Acara virus
Acarus hordei
Acarus siro
Acaulium acremonium
Accipiter cooperii
Accipiter gentilis
Accipiter nisus
Accipiter striatus
Aceh cattle
Acer rubrum
Acetanaerobacterium elongatum

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