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32570621000036105: Medication form reference set (foundation metadata concept)

Status: current, Primitive. Date: 31-May 2012. Module: SNOMED Clinical Terms Australian extension


Id Description Lang Type Status Case? Module Reference Sets
108644871000036111 Medication form reference set (foundation metadata concept) en Fully specified name Active Case insensitive SNOMED Clinical Terms Australian extension
108644881000036113 Medication form reference set en Synonym Active Case insensitive SNOMED Clinical Terms Australian extension Australian dialect reference set: Preferred
4351111000168116 <p>Supports the recording of the form of a medicine or therapeutic good.</p><p>This reference set can be used within implementations of the <em>Medication Instruction and Action DCM</em>&nbsp;(<em>Medication Instruction and Action Detailed Clinical Model Specification.</em> Sydney: NEHTA; 2015. v2.3.).</p><p><b>Target client: </b>This reference set has been developed for those who are implementing the <em>Medication Instruction and Action DCM</em>.</p> en Definition Active Case sensitive SNOMED Clinical Terms Australian extension

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Expanded Value Set

Outbound Relationships Type Target Active Characteristic Refinability Group Values
Medication form reference set Developed by Australian Digital Health Agency true Inferred relationship Some 787287812
Medication form reference set Has licence SNOMED CT-AU licence​ true Inferred relationship Some 38327287
Medication form reference set Is a Reference sets for Medications true Inferred relationship Some
Medication form reference set Is a Attribute value type false Inferred relationship Some
Medication form reference set Is a Simple type reference set true Inferred relationship Some

Aerosol spray
Breath activated inhaler
Breath activated powder inhaler
Buccal dose form
Concentrated extract
Aerosol solution for inhalation
Inhalation aerosol suspension
Conventional release and prolonged-release oral tablet
Buccal film
Buccal lozenge
Buccal spray
Buccal tablet
Chewable capsule
Chewable tablet
Conventional release cutaneous cream
Cutaneous emulsion
Cutaneous foam
Cutaneous gel
Conventional release cutaneous lotion
Cutaneous oil
Cutaneous ointment
Cutaneous paste
Cutaneous patch
Cutaneous powder
Cutaneous solution
Cutaneous sponge
Conventional release cutaneous spray
Cutaneous stick
Cutaneous suspension
Cutaneous tape
Dental emulsion
Conventional release dental gel
Dental paste
Dental pellet
Dental powder
Dental solution
Dental stick
Dental suspension
Ear cream
Ear drops
Ear emulsion
Conventional release ear gel
Ear ointment
Ear or eye drops
Ear or eye ointment
Ear or eye or nose drops
Ear or eye or nose ointment
Ear powder
Ear solution
Ear spray
Ear suspension
Ear tampon
Effervescent oral granules
Effervescent oral tablet
Effervescent vaginal tablet
Ear drops emulsion
Ear spray emulsion
Eye drops emulsion
Emulsion for infusion
Emulsion for inhalation
Emulsion for injection
Nasal drops emulsion
Nasal emulsion spray
Emulsion for nebuliser
Oral drops emulsion
Conventional release endocervical gel
Eye cream
Eye drops
Eye emulsion
Conventional release eye gel
Eye lotion
Eye ointment
Eye solution
Eye suspension
Foam for injection
Gas for inhalation
Gas for insufflation
Gastroenteral emulsion
Gastroenteral solution
Gastroenteral suspension
Gel for injection
Gingival gel
Gingival ointment
Gingival paste
Gingival solution
Hard vaginal capsule
Conventional release intraarticular implant
Intrauterine solution
Intrauterine suspension
Intravesical solution
Nasal cream
Nasal drops

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