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734139008: Anatomy structure and part association reference set (foundation metadata concept)

Status: current, Primitive. Date: 31-Jul 2017. Module: SNOMED CT model component


Id Description Lang Type Status Case? Module Reference Sets
3484376018 Anatomy structure and part association reference set (foundation metadata concept) en Fully specified name Active Case insensitive SNOMED CT model component
3484377010 Anatomy structure and part association reference set en Synonym Active Case insensitive SNOMED CT model component Australian dialect reference set: Preferred

325 members. Search Members:

Expanded Value Set

Outbound Relationships Type Target Active Characteristic Refinability Group Values
Anatomy structure and part association reference set Is a Association type true Inferred relationship Some

Members associationTargetComponent
Adrenal structure Adrenal part
Anal structure Anus part
Anterior longitudinal ligament structure Part of anterior longitudinal ligament
Aortic structure Aorta part
Arterial structure Arterial part
Basal ganglion structure Basal ganglion part
Biceps brachii muscle structure Biceps brachii muscle part
Bile duct structure Bile duct part
Blood vessel structure Blood vessel part
Body organ structure Organ part
Bone marrow structure Bone marrow part
Bone structure of calcaneum Part of calcaneum
Bone structure of carpus Part of bone of carpus
Bone structure of cervical vertebra Part of cervical vertebra
Bone structure of clavicle Clavicle part
Bone structure of coccyx Bone part of coccyx
Bone structure of face Part of bone of face
Bone structure of fibula Fibula part
Bone structure of humerus Humerus part
Bone structure of ilium Ilium part
Bone structure of ischium Ischium part
Bone structure of lower limb Part of bone of lower limb
Bone structure of lumbar vertebra Part of bone of lumbar vertebra
Bone structure of mandible Mandible part
Bone structure of maxilla Maxilla part
Bone structure of phalanx of foot Part of phalanx of foot
Bone structure of phalanx of hand Part of phalanx of hand
Bone structure of phalanx of thumb Part of phalanx of thumb
Bone structure of proximal fibula Part of proximal fibula
Bone structure of pubis Pubis part
Bone structure of radius Radius part
Bone structure of rib Rib part
Bone structure of sacrum Part of bone of sacrum
Bone structure of scaphoid Part of scaphoid
Bone structure of scapula Scapula part
Bone structure of shaft of femur Part of shaft of femur
Bone structure of shaft of fibula Part of shaft of fibula
Bone structure of shaft of humerus Part of shaft of humerus
Bone structure of shaft of radius Part of shaft of radius
Bone structure of shaft of tibia Part of shaft of tibia
Bone structure of shaft of ulna Part of shaft of ulna
Bone structure of talus Talus part
Bone structure of tarsus Bone part of tarsus
Bone structure of thoracic vertebra Part of bone of thoracic vertebra
Bone structure of tibia Tibia part
Bone structure of ulna Ulna Part
Bone structure of upper limb Part of bone of upper limb
Bony orbit structure Part of bony orbit
Brain structure Brain part
Brain ventricle structure Brain ventricle part
Brainstem structure Brain stem part
Structure of breast Breast part
Bronchial structure Bronchial part
Cerebellar structure Cerebellar part
Cerebral hemisphere structure Cerebral hemisphere part
Cerebral lobe structure Cerebral lobe part
Cerebral white matter structure Cerebral hemisphere white matter part
Cervix uteri structure Part of uterine cervix
Chest wall structure Part of chest wall
Ciliary body structure Ciliary body part
Clitoral structure Clitoris part
Colon structure Colon part
Corneal structure Corneal part
Coronary artery structure Coronary artery part
Corpus callosum structure Corpus callosum part
Cranial nerve structure Cranial nerve part
Diaphragm structure Part of diaphragm
Digestive organ structure Digestive organ part
Digestive tract structure Digestive tract part
Duodenal structure Part of duodenum
Ear structure Ear part
Elbow joint synovium Part of synovial tissue of elbow joint
Endocrine gland structure Endocrine gland part
Epididymis structure Epididymal part
Oesophageal structure Oesophageal part
Ethmoid bone structure Ethmoid bone part
Ethmoid sinus structure Ethmoid sinus part
External anal sphincter structure External anal sphincter muscle part
External ear structure External ear part
Eyelid structure Eyelid part
Fallopian tube structure Fallopian tube part
Female genital organ structure Female genital organ part
Femoral vein structure Femoral vein part
Fetal structure Fetal part
Frontal bone structure Frontal bone part
Gallbladder structure Gallbladder part
Gastric fundus structure Gastric fundus part
Gingival structure Gingival part
Glenohumeral joint structure Glenohumeral joint part
Great toe structure Hallux part
Greater omentum structure Greater omentum part
Hand structure Hand part
Structure of head Head part
Structure of heart Heart part
Hip joint structure Hip joint part
Hyoid bone structure Hyoid bone part
Hypothalamic structure Hypothalamus part
Ileal structure Ileal part
Inferior constrictor pharyngeus muscle structure Inferior pharyngeal constrictor muscle part
Infratentorial brain structure Infratentorial brain part
Internal capsule structure Part of internal capsule of brain

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