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900000000000527005: SAME AS association reference set (foundation metadata concept)

Status: current, Primitive. Date: 31-Jan 2002. Module: SNOMED CT model component


Id Description Lang Type Status Case? Module Reference Sets
900000000001158011 SAME AS association reference set (foundation metadata concept) en Fully specified name Active Case sensitive SNOMED CT model component
900000000001159015 SAME AS association reference set en Synonym Active Case sensitive SNOMED CT model component Australian dialect reference set: Preferred

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Expanded Value Set

Outbound Relationships Type Target Active Characteristic Refinability Group Values
SAME AS association reference set Is a Historical association true Inferred relationship Some

Members associationTargetComponent
"Call" - postponed "Call" - postponed
"Morning after" intrauterine contraceptive device fitted Postcoital intrauterine contraceptive device fitted
"Morning after" intrauterine contraceptive device fitted Postcoital intrauterine contraceptive device fitted
"Morning after" intrauterine contraceptive device fitted Postcoital intrauterine contraceptive device fitted
"Morning after" pills given Morning after pill method of contraception
"Morning after" pills given Morning after pill method of contraception
"Retired" - investment income Retired on investment income
"Section" examination - approved doctor "Section" examination - approved doctor
"Section" examination - patient's GP "Section" examination - patient's GP
"Section" examination - social worker "Section" examination - social worker
(A/N care: precious pregnancy) or (precious pregnancy) Antenatal care: precious pregnancy
(Accommodation dependency [& housing]) or (housing dependency scale) Housing dependency scale
(Acquired ankle/foot deformity) or (club foot - acquired) or (talipes - acquired) Acquired deformity of ankle AND/OR foot
(Acquired knee deformity) or (genu recurvatum) or (knock knee - acquired) Congenital genu recurvatum
(Anaesthetic shock - sensitivity) or (anaesthesia sensitivity) Anaesthetic shock - sensitivity
(Anal dilatation) or (Lord's procedure) Forced manual dilatation of anus
(Anti-D (rhesus) globulin) or (therapy) Administration of Anti-D globulin
(Arthritis/arthrosis) or (arthropathy) or (joint disorders) Arthritis/arthrosis
(Bathing cramps - immersion) or (immersion) Bathing cramp
(Benign neoplasm: respiratory/intrathoracic) or (larynx papilloma NOS) Benign neoplasm of respiratory system and intrathoracic organ
(Boil - upper arm and forearm) or (axillary furunculosis) Boil of upper limb
(Bone internal fixator) & (operation) Internal fixation of fracture
(Breathless - lying flat) or (orthopnoea symptom) Orthopnea
(Ca anus) or (anus carcinoma) Primary malignant neoplasm of anus
(Ca appendix) or (appendix carcinoma) Primary malignant neoplasm of appendix
(Ca oro/naso/hypopharynx) or (carcinoma: [pharynx] or [tonsil]) Tonsil carcinoma
(Carcinoma brain) or (brain Ca) or (cerebral tumour - malignant) Primary malignant neoplasm of brain
(Cellulitis/abscess - face) or (cellulitis - lips) Cellulitis and abscess of face
(Cervicalgia) or (neck pain NOS) Neck pain
(Coagulation defects) or (bleeding disorders) Blood coagulation disorder
(Congenital respiratory anomalies NOS) or (bronchiectasis - congenital) Congenital bronchiectasis
(Congenital) or (acquired) anomaly: [msk] or [skeletal] Congenital anomaly of musculoskeletal system
(Conjunctivitis: [inclusion] or [swimming pool]) or (paratrachoma) Trachomatous follicular conjunctivitis
(Contraceptive sheath) or (sheath contraception (& spermicide)) Sheath contraception
(Contusion of face, scalp and neck, excluding eye(s)) or (bruise: [face] or [head]) Contusion of head
(Decompression chamber) or (therapy) Decompression chamber therapy
(Depot contraceptive) or (Depot contraception) Depot contraception
(Dislocation or subluxation of jaw) or (dislocation: [mandible] or [inferior maxilla] or [temporomandibular joint]) Dislocation of temporomandibular joint
(Disorders relating to long gestation and high birthweight) or (large baby born) Disorder relating to long gestation AND/OR high birthweight
(Driving licence fitness report) or (CLE - fit to hold driving licence) Driving licence fitness report
(Drug addiction therapy (& [dependence] or [methadone]) or (FP10 (MDA) issued) Drug addiction therapy
(Epilepsy) or (epileptic attack) Epilepsy
(Excision tendon lesion) or (excision ganglion excluding hand) Excision of lesion of tendon
(Explosive personality disorder) or (aggressive personality) Explosive personality disorder
(FH: alcoholism) or (alcoholic in family) Family history of alcoholism
(Fall due to collision/push/shove) or (sports injury) Fall - collision/push/shove
(Fetal chromosomal abnormality) or (mongolism in pregnancy) Fetus with chromosomal abnormality
(Fetal distress) or (meconium in liquor) Fetal distress, in liveborn infant
(Fetus with hereditary disease) or (cystic fibrosis in pregnancy) Fetus with hereditary disease
(Fibrocystic breast disease) or (chronic cystic mastitis) or (cystic breast) Fibrocystic disease of breast
(Foreign body via orifice effec) or (FB - foreign body in orifice) Foreign body in orifice
(Gouty tophi &/or gout NOS) or (podagra) Arthritis of great toe due to gout
(H/O: cot death in family) or (cot death in family) FH: Sudden infant death
(Hand muscle released) or (release contracture hand) Release of contracture of hand
(Has a tremor) or (tremor symptom) or (shaking) Tremor
(Heat &/or light effects) or (heat problems) Effects of heat AND/OR light
(Intestinal infectious diseases) or (unspecified enteritis) Intestinal infection
(Intra-uterine contraceptive device) or (IUD contraception (& coil)) IUD contraception
(Living in hostel) or (in sheltered accommodation) Lives in residential hostel
(Lymphatic tissue carcinoma) or (lymphoma) Malignant lymphoma
(Mechanical complication of cardiac device) or (device problems) or (problems with prostheses) Mechanical complication of cardiac device, implant AND/OR graft
(Menstrual period late) or (menses delayed) Menstrual period late
(Milk fever) or (puerperal PUO NOS) Puerperal pyrexia of unknown origin
(Muscle stimulator (& skeletal)) or (operation) Skeletal muscle stimulator
(Musculoskeletal/connective tissue) or (musculoskeletal disease) Musculoskeletal disorder
(Non-dependent abuse of drugs [& non-dependent misuse]) or (marihuana abuse) Substance abuse
(Non-urgent hospital admission) or (hospital day care) Non-urgent hospital admission
(Ocular muscle balance testing) or (muscle balance - eye) Ocular muscle balance testing
(Patient registration - "ghosts") or (moved away) Patient registration-"ghosts"
(Penile sheath) or (provision of) Provision of penile sheath
(Peripheral enthesopathies) or (capsulitis) Peripheral enthesopathy
(Placental infarct) or (Placenta infacted) Placental infarct
(Pleurisy) or (adhesions - pleural) Pleurisy
(Pneumoperitoneum) or (induction of) Pneumoperitoneum
(Poisoning venom animals or plants) or (cause of stings) Exposure to poison of venomous animals and plants
(Potassium 40 whole body count) or (potassium 400 isotope) Potassium 40 whole body count
(Procedure contraindicated) or (contraindication) Procedure contraindicated
(Psychogenic tics) or (Gilles de la Tourette's syndrome) Gilles de la Tourette's syndrome
(RBC's - normoblasts present) or (normoblast) RBC's - normoblasts
(Redundant prepuce &/or phimosis) or (prepuce problems) Redundant prepuce and phimosis
(Religion none) or (not religious) Not religious
(Removal skin sutures &/or clips) or (stitch removal) Removal of suture
(Sample: direct microscopy organism) or (microscopy: organism) Microbial smear, light microscopy examination
(Scalp injury - birth) or (cephal haematoma) or (chignon) Vacuum extraction chignon
(Scalp injury - birth) or (cephal haematoma) or (chignon) Vacuum extraction chignon
(Secondary Ca brain/spinal cord) or (bone secondary Ca) or (brain secondary Ca) Secondary malignant neoplasm of brain and spinal cord
(Secondary/recurrent haemorr'ge) or (bleed - traumatic-2ndry) or (h'ge - traumatic-2ndry) Secondary and recurrent haemorrhage
(Serum HDL:non-HDL cholesterol ratio) or (HDL:LDL ratio) HDL/LDL ratio measurement
(Sirenomelia (& [mermaid] or [sympus]) Sirenomelus
(Skin test for susceptibility) or (skin test: susceptible) Skin test for susceptibility
(Social maladjustment) or (racial prejudice problem) Social maladjustment
(Spermicidal contraceptive) or (spermicide alone contraception) Spermicidal contraception
(Stereo-tactic/scopic investigation) or (stereographic radiography) Stereotactic/stereoscopic investigation
(Symptom: [SOB] or [breathlessness] or [dyspnoea]) or (breathlessness) Dyspnoea
(Symptom: chest wall) or (C/O symptom: [chest wall] or [abdominal wall]) Symptom: chest wall
(T.P.I test) or (T pallidum immobilisation) Treponema pallidum immobilisation test
(Time since symptom started) or (symptom began - time) Time since symptom started
(Tracheostomy) or (operation) Tracheotomy
(Transferred from: [department] or [hospital]) or (cross-referral to other department) Transferred from department
(Umbilical sepsis - perinatal) or (omphalitis) Omphalitis
(Understood) or (history not obtained) History not obtained

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