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157211008: Fracture of radius &/or ulna (disorder)

  • Fracture of radius &/or ulna (disorder)

Status: retired, Not sufficiently defined by necessary conditions definition status (core metadata concept). Date: 31-Jan 2002. Module: SNOMED CT core


Id Description Lang Type Status Case? Module Reference Sets
245428019 #Radius &/or ulna en Synonym (core metadata concept) Active Entire term case sensitive (core metadata concept) SNOMED CT core Danish translated concepts reference set (foundation metadata concept)
2751614018 Fracture of radius &/or ulna (disorder) en Fully specified name Active Entire term case insensitive (core metadata concept) SNOMED CT core Description inactivation indicator reference set: Concept non-current

0 descendants.

Expanded Value Set

Inbound Relationships Type Active Source Characteristic Refinability Group

Reference Sets

Concept inactivation indicator reference set

Description inactivation indicator reference set

GB English

US English

POSSIBLY EQUIVALENT TO association reference set (foundation metadata concept)

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