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900000000000527005: SAME AS association reference set (foundation metadata concept)

Status: current, Not sufficiently defined by necessary conditions definition status. Date: 31-Jan 2002. Module: SNOMED CT model component module


Id Description Lang Type Status Case? Module Reference Sets
900000000001158011 SAME AS association reference set (foundation metadata concept) en Fully specified name Active Entire term case sensitive SNOMED CT model component module Great Britain English language reference set
900000000001159015 SAME AS association reference set en Synonym Active Entire term case sensitive SNOMED CT model component module Great Britain English language reference set

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Expanded Value Set

Outbound Relationships Type Target Active Characteristic Refinability Group Values
SAME AS association reference set Is a Historical association reference set true Inferred relationship Existential restriction modifier

""Call"" - postponed (finding)
"Morning after" intrauterine contraceptive device fitted
"Morning after" intrauterine contraceptive device fitted
"Morning after" intrauterine contraceptive device fitted
"Morning after" pills given
"Morning after" pills given
"Retired" - investment income
"Section" examination - approved doctor
"Section" examination - patient's GP
"Section" examination - social worker
(A/N care: precious pregnancy) or (precious pregnancy)
(Accommodation dependency [& housing]) or (housing dependency scale)
(Acquired ankle/foot deformity) or (club foot - acquired) or (talipes - acquired)
(Acquired deformity NOS) or (contraction - pelvis)
(Acquired knee deformity) or (genu recurvatum) or (knock knee - acquired)
(Adenoma: [skin]) or (other benign neoplasms)
(Anaesthetic shock - sensitivity) or (anaesthesia sensitivity)
(Anal dilatation) or (Lord's procedure)
(Anti-D (rhesus) globulin) or (therapy)
(Arthritis/arthrosis) or (arthropathy) or (joint disorders)
(Bathing cramps - immersion) or (immersion)
(Benign neoplasm: respiratory/intrathoracic) or (larynx papilloma NOS)
(Boil - upper arm and forearm) or (axillary furunculosis)
(Bone internal fixator) & (operation)
(Breathless - lying flat) or (orthopnoea symptom)
(Ca anus) or (anus carcinoma)
(Ca appendix) or (appendix carcinoma)
(Ca oro/naso/hypopharynx) or (carcinoma: [pharynx] or [tonsil])
(Ca unspecified site) or (secondary - unknown site)
(Carcinoma brain) or (brain Ca) or (cerebral tumour - malignant)
(Carditis NOS) or (heart disease NOS)
(Cellulitis/abscess - face) or (cellulitis - lips)
(Cervicalgia) or (neck pain NOS)
(Coagulation defects) or (bleeding disorders)
(Congenital anomaly face/neck NOS) or (branchial fistula/sinus)
(Congenital genital anomaly NOS) or (pseudohermaphroditism)
(Congenital heart anomaly NOS) or (valve - congenital heart) or (valvular heart disease, congenital)
(Congenital respiratory anomalies NOS) or (bronchiectasis - congenital)
(Congenital) or (acquired) anomaly: [msk] or [skeletal]
(Conjunctivitis: [inclusion] or [swimming pool]) or (paratrachoma)
(Contraceptive sheath) or (sheath contraception (& spermicide))
(Contusion of face, scalp and neck, excluding eye(s)) or (bruise: [face] or [head])
(Corneal opacity/disorders NOS) or (corneal scar/opacity)
(Decompression chamber) or (therapy)
(Depot contraceptive) or (Depot contraception)
(Diseases of nail NOS) or (nail discolouration) or (onychorrhexis)
(Dislocation or subluxation of jaw) or (dislocation: [mandible] or [inferior maxilla] or [temporomandibular joint])
(Driving licence fitness report) or (CLE - fit to hold driving licence)
(Drug addiction therapy (& [dependence] or [methadone]) or (FP10 (MDA) issued)
(Effects of external causes NOS) or (electrocution/shock)
(Endometritis NOS) or (pyometra)
(Epilepsy) or (epileptic attack)
(Excision tendon lesion) or (excision ganglion excluding hand)
(Explosive personality disorder) or (aggressive personality)
(Fall due to collision/push/shove) or (sports injury)
(Fetal CNS malformation) or (in pregnancy: [anencephaly] or [hydrocephaly] or [spina bifida])
(Fetal chromosomal abnormality) or (mongolism in pregnancy)
(Fetal distress) or (meconium in liquor)
(Fetus with hereditary disease) or (cystic fibrosis in pregnancy)
(Fetus: [labour problem] &/or [delivery problem]) or (maternal delivery problem)
(Fibrocystic breast disease) or (chronic cystic mastitis) or (cystic breast)
(Foreign body via orifice effec) or (FB - foreign body in orifice)
(Gouty tophi &/or gout NOS) or (podagra)
(H/O: cot death in family) or (cot death in family)
(Hand muscle released) or (release contracture hand)
(Has a tremor) or (tremor symptom) or (shaking)
(Heat &/or light effects) or (heat problems)
(Homesickness) or (adjustment reaction NOS)
(Intestinal infectious diseases) or (unspecified enteritis)
(Intra-uterine contraceptive device) or (IUD contraception (& coil))
(Knee: [internal derangement NOS] or [snapping]) or (slipped patella)
(Labour problem factors) or (problems affecting labour NOS)
(Labyrinthine disorders NOS) or (vertigo, benign positional)
(Living in hostel) or (in sheltered accommodation)
(Lymphatic tissue carcinoma) or (lymphoma)
(Mechanical complication GU device NOS) or (perforation of uterus with sound)
(Mechanical complication of cardiac device) or (device problems) or (problems with prostheses)
(Menstrual period late) or (menses delayed)
(Milk fever) or (puerperal PUO NOS)
(Ministration by nature) or (other treatment not indicated)
(Muscle stimulator (& skeletal)) or (operation)
(Musculoskeletal/connective tissue) or (musculoskeletal disease)
(Mutism) or (deaf mutism NOS)
(Neuralgia/neuritis - NOS) or (nerve root pain NEC)
(Neuralgia/neuritis - ankle/foot) or (policemans' disease)
(Non-dependent abuse of drugs [& non-dependent misuse]) or (marihuana abuse)
(Non-infective lymphatic disease NOS) or (lymphangitis NOS)
(Non-rheumatic endocarditis NOS) or (pulmonary stenosis NOS)
(Non-urgent hospital admission) or (hospital day care)
(Noxious food NOS - toxic effect) or (milk sickness)
(O/E - anaesthesia present) or (loss of touch sensation)
(O/E depth of respiration) or (O/E respiratory death)
(O/E gait NOS) or (intoeing)
(O/E: dark ground microscopy: organism) or (dark ground microscopy)
(Ocular muscle balance testing) or (muscle balance - eye)
(Other URT disease NOS) or (chronic tracheopharyngitis)
(Other coagulation defects) or (Dissemin. intravascular coag.)
(Other flap/pedicle graft) or (other Z-plasty flap (& [head] or [neck]))
(Other musculoskeletal/connective) or (disorders NOS: [bone] or [cartilage])
(Patient registration - "ghosts") or (moved away)
(Penile sheath) or (provision of)

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