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900000000000530003: ALTERNATIVE association reference set (foundation metadata concept)

Status: current, Not sufficiently defined by necessary conditions definition status. Date: 31-Jan 2002. Module: SNOMED CT model component module


Id Description Lang Type Status Case? Module Reference Sets
900000000001164016 ALTERNATIVE association reference set (foundation metadata concept) en Fully specified name Active Entire term case sensitive SNOMED CT model component module Great Britain English language reference set
900000000001165015 ALTERNATIVE association reference set en Synonym Active Entire term case sensitive SNOMED CT model component module Great Britain English language reference set

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Expanded Value Set

Outbound Relationships Type Target Active Characteristic Refinability Group Values
ALTERNATIVE association reference set Is a Historical association reference set true Inferred relationship Existential restriction modifier

Blood pressure abnormal but not diagnostic [D]
[D] Post polio exhaustion
[D]Abdominal area X-ray or scan abnormality
[D]Abdominal cramps
[D]Abdominal cramps
[D]Abnormal Mantoux test result
[D]Abnormal Mantoux test result
[D]Abnormal bladder function test
[D]Abnormal chest sounds
[D]Abnormal findings in specimens from female genital organs
[D]Abnormal findings in specimens from male genital organs
[D]Abnormal liver scan
[D]Abnormal reflex, unspecified
[D]Abnormal spleen function test
[D]Abnormal sputum - tenacious
[D]Abnormality of albumin
[D]Abnormality of albumin
[D]Abnormality of alpha-fetoprotein
[D]Abnormality of alpha-fetoprotein
[D]Abnormality of globulin
[D]Abnormality of globulin
[D]Acid phosphatase raised
[D]Acute vertigo
[D]Alcohol blood level excessive
[D]Antibody titer unspecified, raised
[D]Auditory function studies abnormal
[D]Auditory function studies abnormal
[D]Basal metabolism
[D]Biliary tract X-ray or scan abnormality
[D]Brain and central nervous system abnormal function study, unspecified
[D]Brain scan abnormal
[D]Breast imaging abnormal
[D]Breath-holding spell
[D]Cardiac dullness decreased
[D]Cardiovascular function study abnormal
[D]Cardiovascular function study abnormal
[D]Cells and casts in urine
[D]Cells and casts in urine
[D]Chest pain, unspecified
[D]Coma and stupor
[D]Coma and stupor
[D]Convulsions, infantile
[D]Cough with hemorrhage
[D]Death, not instantaneous cause unknown
[D]Death, not violent/instantaneous
[D]Debility, unspecified
[D]Development, failure in
[D]Drug-induced vomiting
[D]Drugs in blood abnormal
[D]Drugs in urine abnormal
[D]Excessive level of drug in other tissue
[D]Excessive level of heavy metal in other tissue
[D]Excessive urine level of drug
[D]Failure of peripheral circulation
[D]False positive Wassermann's test
[D]Finding of opiate drug in blood
[D]Findings of drugs and other substances, not normally found in blood
[D]Found after death, unknown cause of death
[D]Frequency of micturition, unspecified
[D]Friction sounds, chest
[D]Friction sounds, chest
[D]Gangrene of toe in diabetic
[D]Gangrene, spreading cutaneous
[D]Gastrointestinal X-ray or scan abnormality
[D]Genitourinary X-ray or scan abnormality
[D]Heart murmur, benign
[D]Heart murmur, innocent
[D]Heart murmur, undiagnosed
[D]Helicobacter pylori-abnormal microbiological finding in gastric fluid
[D]Hypothermia, of non-environmental cause
[D]Intracranial lesion
[D]Iron, blood level abnormal
[D]Jaundice (not of newborn)
[D]Laboratory evidence of human immunodefiency virus [HIV]
[D]Local superficial swelling, mass or lump
[D]Localized swelling, mass and lump, head
[D]Lump on head
[D]Lump on nose
[D]Lump, localized and superficial
[D]Lung scan abnormal
[D]Mass, localized and superficial
[D]Musculoskeletal X-ray or scan abnormality
[D]Nerve stimulation studies abnormal, unspecified
[D]Nervous and musculoskeletal symptoms
[D]Nervous and musculoskeletal symptoms
[D]Nonspecific abnormal Papanicolaou cervical smear
[D]Nonspecific abnormal Papanicolaou smear of other origin
[D]Nonspecific abnormal X-ray and scan test findings
[D]Nonspecific abnormal findings
[D]Nonspecific abnormal function studies
[D]Nonspecific blood findings
[D]Nonspecific chromosomal abnormality found on analysis
[D]Nonspecific findings in other body substances
[D]Nonspecific histological and immunological findings
[D]Nonspecific histological and immunological findings
[D]Nonspecific low blood pressure reading
[D]Nonspecific positive culture findings
[D]Nonspecific sudden infant death
[D]Nonspecific urine findings
[D]Nutrition, metabolic and developmental symptoms

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